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Peer Analysis

Data for trailing four quarters

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Performance Ratios (%)SCBH Peer
ROAA1.12 1.04 0.96 
ROAE15.54 8.89 9.32 
Net Interest MarginNA 3.82 3.80 
Efficiency Ratio73.09 62.17 62.67 
Loans / DepositsNA 77.08 76.42 

Asset Quality Ratios (%)   
NPAs / AssetsNA 0.37 0.55 
NCOs / Avg Loans0.00 (0.00) 0.02 
Reserves / Loans0.96 1.43 1.36 
Reserves / NPAsNA 140.30 273.58 

Capital Ratios (%)   
Tier 1 Capital15.96 12.93 12.85 
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets7.52 9.16 9.55 
Total Equity / Total Assets7.52 10.83 10.15 

Market Ratios   
Price / Earnings (x)19.95 14.42 15.01 
Price / Book (%)285.41 137.55 141.84 
Dividend Yield (%)1.51 0.00 1.02 
Seacoast Commerce Banc Holdings's peer group consists of the following: 1st Capital Bank (FISB), AltaPacific Bancorp (ABNK), American River Bankshares (AMRB), California Republic Bancorp (CRPB), CommerceWest Bank (CWBK), Commonwealth Business Bank (CWBB), First Choice Bank (FCBK), First Northern Community Bancorp (FNRN), Focus Business Bank (FCSB), Mission Bancorp (MSBC), Oak Valley Bancorp (OVLY), Plumas Bancorp (PLBC), Premier Valley Bank (PVLY), Santa Cruz County Bank (SCZC), Security California Bancorp (SCAF), Summit State Bank (SSBI), Valley Commerce Bancorp (VCBP)

Seacoast Commerce Banc Holdings's financial data is as of 6/30/2017.

Peer financial data is as of 6/30/2017  except for these companies:

California Republic Bancorp's financial data is as of 9/30/2016.
Focus Business Bank's financial data is as of 6/30/2015.
Premier Valley Bank's financial data is as of 9/30/2015.
Security California Bancorp's financial data is as of 12/31/2015.
Valley Commerce Bancorp's financial data is as of 12/31/2016.

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