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Income Statement

 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y 2016 Y
Interest Income13,87018,21122,32224,533
Interest Expense1,3411,9731,8121,620
Net Interest Income12,52916,23720,51022,913
FTE Net Interest IncomeNANANANA
Provision for Loan Losses1,500450500 (1,000)
Trading Account Income0000
Foreign Exchange Income0000
Trust Revenue0000
Service Charges on Deposits10390NANA
Gain on Sale of Loans (FAS 140)4,1447,56411,38010,707
Loan Fees & Charges1,4011,4871,4862,010
Bank-owned Life Insurance Revenue157195226311
Insurance Revenue0000
Investment Banking & Brokerage0000
Other Noninterest Income (227) 178 (155) 93
Total Noninterest Income5,5789,51512,93713,121
Realized Gain on Securities2 (44) 00
Nonrecurring Revenue0000
Compensation & Benefits9,41111,53314,50915,738
Occupancy & Equipment1,0231,1261,1811,207
Marketing and Promotion Expense377249NANA
Professional Fees360556NANA
Tech & Communications Expense834877NANA
Amrt of Intang & Goodwill Impair0000
Foreclosure & Repo (17) (110) 460
Other Expense2,9933,6537,4468,906
Total Noninterest Expense14,98217,88523,18225,851
Nonrecurring Expense000300
Pre-Provision Net Revenue3,1257,86710,26510,183
Non-FTE Pre-Provision Net Revenue3,1257,86710,26510,183
Net Income before Taxes1,6277,3739,76510,883
Provision for Taxes6253,0353,9873,973
Effective Tax Rate (%) 38.4141.1640.8336.51
Min Int & Oth after-tax Items0000
Extraordinary Items0000
Net Income1,0024,3385,7796,909
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int0000
Net Income Attributable to Parent1,0024,3385,7796,909
Preferred Dividends45454517
Other Preferred Dividends after Net Income0000
Other Changes to Net Income0000
Net Income Avail to Common9574,2925,7336,893
Net Income for Diluted EPS9574,2925,7336,893
EPS after Extra ($) 0.170.710.921.08
EPS after Extra Growth (%) (78.5)317.6029.6017.40
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share ($) 0.350.841.061.03
Comprehensive Income   
Net Income1,0024,3385,7796,909
Preferred Dividend Adjustment to Comprehensive Inc0000
Total Other Comprehensive Income (31) 5 (19) (7)
Comprehensive Income9714,3425,7606,902
Interest Income/ Expense Detail   
Interest Income Earned On:   
Interest Earned on Loans13,70517,91521,64323,486
Int Inc: SecuritiesNANANANA
Int Inc: Other Earn AssetsNANANANA
Int Inc: Secs & Oth Earn Assets1652966791,046
Int Inc: Total Earn Assets13,87018,21122,32224,533
Interest Expense Incurred On:   
Int Exp: CDs419554464138
Int Exp: Other Deposits9041,4161,1111,042
Int Exp: Total Deposits1,3231,9691,5761,180
Int Exp: Debt174236440
Int Exp: Total Int-bearing Liab1,3411,9731,8121,620

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